About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog! I am Caroline, based at home  in a beautiful village in north Hampshire. This blog is where I post pictures and comments about my adventures in sewing.  Since retirement from my job as a Director of a local Financial Services company  I have been enjoying sewing purely as a hobby, although I do tutor sewing workshops at a local Quilt shop and also design, make and sell items featuring machine embroidery, applique or patchwork. These days my main focus is dressmaking as I frantically try to use up the enormous stash of fabrics that I have acquired over the past 50 years of stitching.I  am regularly supervised by my cat Jazz who will sometimes appear in these posts. Please let me know if you enjoy my posts and ask any sewing-related questions where I may be of help to you in your stitching endeavours. Happy stitching!