Bronte Cardigan #2

When I found the Bronte Cardigan pattern by Martin Storey on Ravelry it fitted my criteria of 1) double knitting yarn 2) Cropped length 3) interesting texture with cables and moss stitch features. I made the first one back in July this year before getting side-tracked into dressmaking. It was not until early September that I re-visited the pattern.

I ordered the double knitting yarn in a Brown Tweed from a seller on eBay and set off making the back. This part was a relatively quick knit as it featured the fancy rib followed by a lacy band and then double moss stitch for the remainder. Next came the fronts. I was especially looking forward to these as they featured the textured cables and a diamond pattern. This is just the type of knitting that I enjoy. I have to say that I am a convert to working from charts. In the past I have always knitted Aran-style and cable patterns from text. To see the pattern in a graphic way helps enormously in seeing how it develops.

I knew from the previous make that I would have to change the increasing so that the underarm sleeve was no longer than 17 inches and even that was generous for my arms. I have reduced the increasing so that they occur every 7 rows rather than the 8 quoted in the pattern instructions. The sleeves of this version are still very slightly too long but certainly ‘liveable’.

I have a particular dislike of picking up stitches for front bands and so I added 10 stitches to the rib section and once I changed needle. size, left those stitches on a holder. Once I had completed knitting the front I returned to the stitches on the holder, increased by 2 stitches and worked a double faux cable band until I reached the neck edge. I joined up with the stitches on that holder to make the neckband. I did have to pick up some stitches for the neckband but that was quite simple and easy, before continuing with the faux cable pattern. I love how this brings all the design features together.

I had over 100grms of the yarn left so am now knitting a coordinating hat to my self-designed Blackberry stitch banded hat pattern!

Project #60 completed 24th October 2020