2 Sweet Peas in a Pod

The first and third Thursday of each month is when the Sprat & Winkle Quilters meet at the village hall in Goodworth Clatford. Last week we had a sewing evening when we enjoyed making Sweet Pea pods! No it was nothing to do with gardening – simply making a delightful zipped purse that is shaped (with a little poetic licence!) like a sweet pea pod.

Here is the link for the pattern and instructions which can be purchased from the craftsy website:-


Using some scraps from a recent dressmaking project, a length of continuous zip plus 2 zip pulls, some calico for lining, a 10” square of fusible wadding and a short piece of satin ribbon I was able to produce 2 pods.

Lizzie had prepared an excellent tutorial clearly demonstrating each stage of the construction. These little gems are compulsive – like a chinese meal – no sooner have you finished one than you want to make another!