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Altered Joni Top

Original Joni dress

I used whatever fabric was left over when I made this Joni dress to make a top. Unfortunately it was not quite long enough and has therefore been stuck at the back of the wardrobe – unworn. Until now, I found a length of the fabric that was just sufficient to add a frill. So with no further ado, I gathered up the length, added a twin-needle stitched hem and hey presto, the top is now just the right length!

Joni top with added frill

Springtime Shirt Dress

It has been a long time since I last posted details of my sewing projects but that does not been I have been idle. In fact, since the beginning of the month I have completed 8 projects. But it may take a while before they appear on the blog.

Let’s start with the fabric: This was purchased last June as part of a ‘haul’ from Fabricland in Salisbury.

June 2018 fabric haul from Fabricland, Salisbury

The fabric is a lovely Turquoise colour printed with white leaf and swirl motifs. I think I bought 4 metres and I have been pleased to get both a dress (as featured here) and later, a sleeveless blouse out of the length with minimum of waste.

Turquoise cotton

Yet again, my TNT bodice was used and I ‘hacked’ on the collar from Kwik Sew K3736.

Kwik Sew K3736
Turquoise Spring Shirt Dress

The dress is sleeveless with plain White poly/cotton bias binding to finish the armholes. This time there are buttons through both the bodice and the skirt for which I used some charming spotted buttons purchased in bulk through eBay. The skirt has wide box pleats and concealed side seam pockets. There is a deep hem which has been hand stitched in place. All other seams have been finished with the overlocker.

Necklace from Edinburgh Woollen Mill

So now I have another lovely sleeveless shirt dress that can be worn with or without a cardigan plus a pretty necklace that I bought from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill outlet store at Wilton Shopping Centre.

A long-time-coming Alteration

As regular readers of my blog will know, I dislike making alterations. I would much rather dispose of the offending garment and start again afresh.

However, last year I made this charming Daisy-printed denim dress which I wore just once before I lost weight and it became too big. Since then the dress has been hanging in my ’roundtoit’ space awaiting attention.

‘Mandy’ Daisy-printed denim dress

Assisted by a good friend, one day I put the dress on inside out and my friend kindly pinned in at the side and centre back seams.

An eternity later I got around to unpicking the waistline seam and tacking the pinned alterations.

Right Side seam alteration
Left side seam alteration

Another eternity later I finally installed the correct colour thread on my sewing machine and overlocker so that the alterations are now complete.

One thing that I have noticed is that now I do not have such an impressive bust, (having gone down a cup size) the scoop neckline is a little more revealing than I would like. I have to wear the dress with a lace-trimmed camisole underneath so that I don’t frighten the horses!

Improv piecing & quilting a la Nick Ball

Whilst attending the Sewcial Retreat in Oxford last month we were fortunate to have Nick Ball as one of the tutors. The session was listed as ‘Improv Piecing’ which at first did not particularly inspire me. However, Nick showed us a unique method of piecing using rectangles and triangles followed by a very simple method of curved piecing and I was immediately hooked!

I made a very simple quilted case for my Hudl tablet which incorporates both techniques that Nick demonstrated. I am delighted with the result.

Hudl case – closed
Hudl case – open
Hudl case – reverse

This method will be a great way for me to use up lots of small scraps and I plan to make a lap quilt very soon.