And finally – an MIU padded wristlet purse

What you may ask is an MIU? It stands for Make It Up (as you go along!)

There was STILL some remnant of this Cerise linen fabric so I had to make just one more item…. a padded wristlet purse seemed like a good idea.

Using the largest piece of remnant fabric for the outer shell plus some strips that had been parallel to the selvedge, I designed and stitched the purse as I went along.

Recently I had bought some sets of hardware and now seemed like a good opportunity to try them out. I referred to a You tube video for instructions on how to put together the wrist strap but it really was intuitive.

The fabric gathered together nicely for the frills and I was able to use yet another zip from my father’s stash for the closure. A small piece of wadding and a scrap of the lining as used for lining the jacket were all the materials required.

The finished purse measures approximately 8 inches x 6¾ inches. Having completed the make, I will note the construction for future iterations.

Now – there will be no more postings about Cerise linen-look as that is the final make from the original fabric purchase!