And finally, Breton top #8

Yes! The final Breton-style top is done. Well there was just about enough fabric left for this one before I called it a day on Bretons.

This year I have been ‘on a mission’ to make several Breton-style tops for my sister and me which, hopefully, we will be able to wear on our next cruise holiday.

I started this quest with several lengths of Ponte Roma but now having made 8 different tops am left with pretty much a mis-match of remnants from the various stripes and prints. I am not quite sure what I will do with the final odds and ends but no doubt something will come up.

The alterations to the Fraser pattern by Sewaholics were similar to those before; extended body length and no hem band. Similar to the #7, the sleeves were shortened. Again the neckline front is deepened by 1½ inches and widened by ½ inch at each side neck point. The back yoke was cut in two pieces and has a join that is off-centre but no matter, it is behind me and will be hidden by my hair. Once again the construction was made a lot easier with the gentle curve of the front yoke.

The neckband was cut from the White background floral as I have now run out of the Navy background print. This time I cut the band 1¾ inches wide.

All seams basted on the sewing machine before being sewn with the overlocker. The yokes and neckband were top stitched on the machine. The single turned hem on the sleeves and body were overlocked prior to twin needle stitching in place. I took care to ensure that the Navy stripe sat on the edge of the hem and stitched with White thread on the White stripe with the twin needle.

So, that’s the final Breton-style top completed. I can now graduate to the floral jersey bought from Pin and Sew before changing over to woven fabrics for a while.

Project #17 completed 28th February 2021