Autumn Leaves Table Centre

01 autumn wreath icarus

Inspired by the success of the Christmas Table Centre I surfed the internet for more inspiration. I found a pattern for a 6-piece-centre Holly leaf design from which I purchased along with a further 3 designs.

Using these as a starting point I then designed my own original Autumn leaf table centre which I stitched using scraps and remnants from my stash.

As I was using up odd pieces of fabric the reverse of the “petals” are made using two different prints, likewise the fronts. However this has worked out well and gives a good impression of the variety of colours found in Autumn leaves. The applique leaves are made from three different fabrics which had fusible interfacing applied BEFORE cutting out the shapes.

I top-stitched around each “petal” with a straight stitch before applying the applique leaves with a satin stitch. I then stitched the “petals” together using the 60 degree template supplied by Adrienne.

60 degree triangle

60 degree template for a 6-piece table centre

If using the same fabric for each part of the pattern I calculate that you need a Fat Quarter of print for the reverse, another Fat Quarter for the Fronts and then a Fat Eighth for the applique leaves. You will also need sufficient fusible wadding to be applied to the reverse petals and a small amount of fusible interfacing for the appliques.

02 autumn wreath

Again I count this design as a success and will be offering the pattern for sale and using it in classes next year.