Bettina Dress – Mark IV – Poppies


Front View

There is not much to say about this dress as it was back to the TNT Bettina dress pattern to make up the bold Poppy printed cotton fabric bought from Franklins’ in Salisbury.

This time the short cap sleeves are lined with plain White poly-cotton as I did not want any “showthru” of the bold Red colour of the Poppy print. Once again the lapped zip in the centre back seam is hand picked.

As I could see there was a definite one-way to the design I had to forego a circular skirt. Therefore the full, gathered skirt is made from 3 panels across the width of the fabric but there is no pattern matching. As the blind-hemming on my machine is not perfect and I did not want any large stitches showing, the hem is a hand stitched double fold. The folded edge of the hem is NOT pressed flat and the double fold is good for the fullness of the skirt as it adds weight and substance. 


Back View