Carousel Tote Bag Workshop

Bag making Workshop Saturday 9th April, 2016

For the first workshop now that I am back having recovered from hip replacement surgery we tackled the Carousel Tote bag.

There were four ladies, two of which had previously attended one of my workshops (gluttons for punishment?) all eager to get started on making a new tote bag.

Eleanor, Jean, Yvonne and Helen each had a very different fabric from which to make their bag and each fabric seemed to present its own unique challenges.

Helen's bag

Helen’s Bag using thick upholstery fabric

However, we all enjoyed our day cosseted in the warmth of New Threads, Weyhill Fairground whilst the weather threw hailstones and pouring rain outside.

Personally, I had an “Oops!” moment when for the first time, I made an error when cutting the squares for the “Sugar Bag Bottom”. I cut those squares from the TOP of the bag, instead of the bottom. Oh “Rats!” but all is not lost, I simply have a bag with slightly different dimensions. This now measures only 11 inches long x 12 inches wide x 3 inches deep.

Maybe, in view of the BOLD print used (which you may recognise from the Pucci-esque dress), that is not such a bad thing. What do you think?

pucci-esque bag front

My “Oops” Pucci-esque bag