Cherries Print Dress

At last, I have finally finished this dress. It took quite a bit of adjustment on the fitting as my shape has definitely changed as I have got older! However, I am very pleased with the final result. As the skirt is “flippy” I decided to add a narrow gathered frill in contrasting Red to ensure that the hemline stayed out fully and obviated the need for a frilled net petticoat. The puffed sleeves turned out well and fitted neatly into the armholes. Although I adjusted for my sway back and inserted a lapped zip into the centre back seam, because of the neckline shaping this dress goes on “pullover” style and the zip is not actually needed. As soon as I get the opportunity I will have a photo of me in the dress wearing those fabulous Cherry-print shoes!

Front view  Back view               cherries dress 4    cherries dress 3