Christmas Day Dress – Monochrome Jersey

01 front dress

No hanger appeal – but it looks fine when on!

I always like to have a new dress to wear on Christmas Day. In Franklins sale I found just the right fabric to make a warm version of the TNT Bettina dress. As it was a jersey fabric this would also be a good opportunity to continue my experience of stitching jersey fabrics and using the overlocker for more than simply neatening seam allowances.

The fabric was very wide and when I laid it out on my cutting board I realised that the pattern had a pronounced “stripe” in the design which went – unfortunately – across the width of the fabric. That would not do – no width-wise stripes across my bust! As the fabric was quite thick I decided against a gathered or pleated skirt as this would produce too much bulk around the waistline. There would surely be sufficient for my favourite circular skirt. With some “finessing” I managed to lay out the pattern with the grainline across the pieces (so that the design lines were vertical ) but there was just not enough fabric for the ¾ sleeves that I would prefer. Oh well, I can always wear a cardigan!

The dress was a very quick and easy sew. The darts were stitched on the regular machine with a small (2.5mm) stitch length. The shoulders were also stitched with the regular machine but “stayed” with a length of plain black ribbon. The sleeves were first inserted with a straight stitch and then finished with the overlocker. The remainder of the stitching was completed on the 4-thread overlocker. The hems on the sleeves and around the skirt were my usual twin-needle stitching.

I have worn the dress several times and received many compliments. So far I have always worn it with a Red long-sleeve cardigan (and Red “Jewel” shoes from Hotter). As the design is in monochrome it should go very well with a wide range of colours. In the future I may also use my other favourite cardigans from Lands End – I have Bright Teal, Yellow, Autumn Gold, Soft Peach and Green.