Christmas Dress Hack – Simplicity 1452


This dress is the second of the samples to promote the workshop planned for November at New Threads Quilt Shop.

santa christmas ark

Nearly 14 years ago I gained a great deal of experience in making dresses for little girls as I made several for the daughter of a friend, from the time that Lucy was born until she was aged around 8 or 9 years old. This Christmas dress hack is very similar to those I made back in the early 2000’s.

Using the smallest size pattern firstly I re-shaped the neckline to a gentle scoop and then added sufficient to the centre back to allow for a buttons and buttonholes (or velcro) fastening. To avoid any raw edges of the seam allowances on the bodice I decided to line with a plain calico cotton.

dress front

n.b. Centred design on bodice front

To make the dress with a fully lined bodice is a very simple procedure.

Order of Construction:-

  1. Stitch the shoulder seams of the bodice front to the 2 bodice backs. Repeat for the bodice lining.
  2. Place lining right sides together with bodice, matching notches.
  3. Pin and then machine stitch around the armholes. Pin and machine from the waistline edge, up the back, around the neckline, and down the other side of the back.
  4. Press well and then pull the back bodice pieces through the shoulders to turn right side out.
  5. Understitch as far as possible around all the edges.
  6. Stitch the side seams of the skirt panels and gather the top edge.
  7. Pin and stitch the top of the skirt to the bottom of the bodice, ensure that you keep the bodice lining free.
  8. Fold up the bodice lining to the inside, matching the fold to the stitching line of the skirt.
  9. Hand stitch the bodice lining to the previous row of stitching so that now all the raw edges of the bodice are covered.
  10. Work buttonholes and attach buttons at the back bodice BEFORE stitching the centre back seam of the skirt, leaving approximately 3-4 inches below the waistline unstitched.


    back dress

    I used a French seam when joining the skirt panels together and machined a narrow double-folded hem.

    back bodice showing buttons 1

    Christmas-themed buttons

    For the back fastening I made 5 buttonholes and used 5 different Christmas-themed buttons to complete.