Catherine Wheel Christmas Decoration

This week at the Monday morning Sewing Workshop held in Franklins, Salisbury we made a Christmas decoration. I am not sure of its “offical” name but I call it a Catherine Wheel. You start with two  3.5 ” circles  which are stitched right sides together all the way around taking a 1/4″ seam. Make a small slit in one side and turn through right sides out. Press. Mark the centre point on both sides of the circle.  Stuff lightly with polyester toy filling, not too much stuffing at the centre. Close the slit and prepare the “wings”. You need 16 x 3.5″ squares  of Christmas-theme prints. Fold in half diagonally  and in half again so that you end up with a triangle that is 4 thicknesses. Press well. With double thread start by anchoring at the centre point of the padded circle. Catch the corner of one of your triangles and pull into the centre, take the thread through to the other side and catch the opposite point of the “wing”. Work your way around the pad until all 16 triangles have been stitched. Attach a loop of ribbon to both centres as the hanger and finish with a button each side. Both the ribbon loop and the button can be attached using a hot glue gun asby this time you may find it very difficult to stitch through all the thicknesses of the wings and the centre pad.

 catherine wheel step by step            catherine wheel christmas decoration 1