Clover Clamshells

Back around July time last year a friend showed me a completed clamshell made using the Clover clamshell pocket templates. I was so fascinated with them that I bought the packs for all 3 sizes, small, medium and large.  You may recognise the fabric – scraps and leftovers from Patchwork Blouse no. 1.

clamshells x 3

clamshells x 2

Although the instructions advise the use of wadding, I have now completed my third clamshell but missed out the wadding section of the instructions.  The largest one has a key fob inside and my cat Jazz was fascinated so another time I will make one with some bells and catnip inside as a toy for her. I am now working on a medium sized shell and this time I am using a fine fleece as the wadding layer on the outer shapes.  In the meantime I have prepared a workshop so that the ladies at Sprat & Winkle Quilters can also decorate their homes with clamshells.