Cluck, cluck, Chicken-themed Cross Body Bag no. 8

chickens cbb no 8-2

I had originally intended to make a chicken-themed bag for my sister, born in the year of the Rooster and anything related to Roosters and Chickens seemed appropriate. However, I was asked to make a bag in jewel colours eg. Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald – chickens would not cut it.

I had already prepared the pieces of fabric which was bought from Fabricland, Salisbury  and applied both fusible interfacing and fusible wadding where required. I then set the bag to one side to use as part demonstration for the CBB workshop held at Franklins.

With one thing and another I did not quite get the bag finished in the classroom but this afternoon with an hour to spare managed to get the final details completed. Here is the finished bag – all dressed up and nowhere to go! I will probably use it myself when wearing similar autumnal colours and it will also come in handy as yet another demonstration bag. Cluck, cluck – now to make the jewel-coloured bag!!