Continuing the Winter theme Quilt

I am still working on the “Winter” themed quilt but it is progressing well. I have now completed the top and made the “sandwich” of top, wadding (80/20 cotton and polyester from my stash) and backing.

The quilt “sandwich”

close up showing gradation of colour

Next step is the quilting. Last time I did free-motion interlocking circles and I may well do that again but before I settle to that design I will try some different patterns, possibly using a wide set twin needle.

I have been supervised by my cat who seems to think that this quilt is being made especially for her. She repeatedly tries to sleep on it when it is laid out on our beds!


I had to buy another charm pack of “Luster” as I was running out of sufficient 5 inch squares to make up the 36 blocks that I needed. I also purchased some “Burlap” by Benartex in the Silver colourway to make the 2½ inch border that brings the quilt to the required size for covering the grand piano.

The backing is made from 1744 Heartwood Scenic © The Henley Studio for Makower UK that I originally intended to make into a dress but on reflection I don’t think the colour would suit me so here it is to ensure that the reverse of the quilt is as interesting as the front.

I have decided on the text for the label that will be applied to the quilt once it is completed. It is a Haiku entitled “Winter Forest” by Nick Bagnall.

A winter forest

Frosted leaves lay heaped around

Hedgehog sleeps within

I think this is particularly appropriate as we have a wooded area next to the boundary of our property and there are many leaves falling into the garden. We also have our own hedgehog that makes regular visits during the Summer and is currently hibernating behind the garage.