Die Cutting for Patchwork and Quilting

At the Monday meeting of P&Q at Franklins in Salisbury, this month was dedicated to die-cutting. Maureen, Pat and I all took our die cutting machines and assortment of dies to the shop so that we could demonstrate these “really useful” pieces of equipment.

All three of us die-cutting enthusiasts have Accuquilt GO! Machines whilst I have an additional Sissix Big Shot which I bought when I originally “got into” die cutting.

My introduction to this method of preparation for quilting was the desire to make an “Applecore” quilt. I have since made at least three quilts using this particular die which I must admit is my favourite.

applecore die

The ladies at the meeting were all very impressed with the speed and accuracy of cutting of blocks and particularly those pieces which had curved outlines e.g. Applecores and Drunkards’ Path.

drunkards path cushion cover

Since the meeting I have made a Drunkards’ Path cushion cover and continued to work on some cat applique blocks that I intend to use for an “Owl and the Pussycat” quilt for my lovely cat “Jazz”. I am using a cat die for the “Pussycat” and alternate blocks will be made from remnants of the “Owl” print that I used for my “Bettina” dress. 

4 blocks