Draped neckline Top Toile #1

In anticipation of making a draped neckline top in some of the Hidden Cheetah viscose linen, I needed to draft a new pattern. Using a post on the Craftsy website as a guide, I traced and extended the length of the front pattern piece of the Moira dress. I cut and spread as directed for the draped neckline and although the Hidden Cheetah is a woven fabric, I then made up a toile using some of the Pink cotton jersey bought from Rainbow Fabrics just to see how the first trial looked.

The conversion of the Moira bodice to a top seems to have worked OK but unfortunately there is not a great deal of drape in the front neckline. Thus this make is definitely classed as a ‘failure’.

I will re-draft the bodice and see if I can improve the draping. Meantime, this one will be relegated as a lightweight jersey top to be used as a PJ top.

Project #23 completed 9th March 2021