Eureka moment for sleeves and armholes!

How I wish that the vlog by Silhouette Patterns entitled “Sewing Tutorial – Armholes and Sleeves” had been available to watch earlier in my sewing career.

The vlog was released a few hours ago on Tuesday morning.  This episode covers the relationship between armholes and sleeves and helps to clarify how to make everything fit just for you. Just 10 minutes of inspiration that I hope and believe will revolutionise my approach to armscyes and sleeves for the future.

Whilst I regularly ‘hack’ my dressmaking patterns by changing necklines, fastenings, skirt styles, sleeve lengths, finishes and collars, I have never considered transferring armscyes and sleeves from one pattern to another. If you have ever encountered problems in this area of your dressmaking I urge you to watch the clip.

I intend to audition all my recent dressmaking to identify and copy the perfect armscyes and sleeves for the four main styles:- sleeveless, knit tops, woven tops and jackets. I will let you know how I get on as I have a full programme of dressmaking planned for June that will include knits, wovens, dresses, tops and jackets. Happy stitching!