Gifts for the Womens’ Refuge

It has been our practice at Franklins P&Q class to exchange “Secret Santa” Christmas gifts. This year we did something different. Often at this time of year the local refuge sees an influx of women who arrive, sometimes with nothing more than what they stand up in. To help in a small way, we elected to sew some items to help. I made some toilet bags into which I put small items of cosmetics and toiletries, plus some cushions which will be placed in the rooms just to make the residents feel more comfortable. To make the bags I used remnants from previous sewing projects, lightly quilted to fusible wadding, lined with plain fabric, completed co-ordinating zip fastening and elastic loops on the zip pulls. I was pleased to see these remnants turned into attractive and useful items. 

flamingo bags

Flamingo print bags & purses

   half moon bag side 1

Tropical print toilet bag

Donations to the Refuge will be ongoing in 2017. In January we will each be giving a tube of toothpaste in a toilet bag as every little helps.