A little while ago, Pat attended the toile making class at New Threads Quilt Shop and since then together we have been adjusting the master pattern to make other garments. Pat has completed a shift dress, a shell top and a skirt. In anticipation of her forthcoming holiday cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, Pat wanted a selection of garments to wear on the formal evenings. As time was short, I offered to make up a Gold sequinned fabric into a shell top on her behalf. Fabricland in Salisbury, the shop where Pat had purchased the fabric had also sold her some complimentary-coloured lining fabric. I explained that as the sequins next to the skin would be quite irritating, it would be best to line the top completely using the ‘bagging-out’ method.

Using half of Pat’s completed shift dress toile, I drafted a paper pattern to cut and sew both the Gold sequinned fabric and the lining. Now the floor in the sewing room was liberally sprinkled with ‘sparkly gold dust’! I made up the shell top complete then sewed the lining but left a length of one of the side seams unstitched before placing right sides together and stitching all around the neckline. I turned right sides out and understitched the facing/lining.

Now for the ‘baggingout’ method. With the top still right sides together I stitched the sleeve hems and sleeve lining hems together and then the hems on bodice front and back, also right sides together. I tried to turn the top right sides out through the opening in the lining side seam. It did not work. Obviously I had sewn too many seams in the wrong order. I unpicked the sleeve hems and the bodice front and back hems.

Starting again I had the wrong sides together but with the top inside out, by putting my hand inside through the side seam opening I pulled the hem of a sleeve with the sleeve lining and pinned. I then checked to make sure that I could turn the garment right sides out again. I machined the pinned edge then repeated with the remaining sleeve hem and used the same method for the hem on the bodice front and back. At last the top was completely sewn with the exception of the opening in the lining side seam.

I gave the garment a thorough press and hung on a hanger awaiting Pat’s visit to check the fit.

The top looked very glitzy and glamorous and Pat was happy to take it away to hand stitch the opening closed. I may even purchase some of this fabric to make a top for myself, hopefully to take on my next cruise holiday!