Snood/Infinity Scarf II – Purple Blackberry Stitch

Here is the second scarf knitted in Blackberry stitch. I am really enjoying these projects and having finished the Purple have moved onto Teal.  There is a slight issue with the number of stitches knitted in the Purple scarf – not an ideal colour to be using in these  long dark evenings and I went slightly wrong by knitting extra stitches into the pattern. This has made the edges slightly “wonky” but by the time I had completed the full 60 inches the number of stitches was back to the original 68! As the scarf is folded the wonky edges don’t show – but because it is not perfect I cannot give it as a gift and will have to keep it for myself – it co-ordinates well with my Purple padded coat and jeans so – result!! The scarf is really versatile as it can be worn over the head to help keep out the draughts –  see the final photo below.

purple snood 1purple snood 2

purple snood 1b