‘Jane’ Pinafore Dress #3 Autumn Leaves

I bought a couple of remnant pieces of this lovely printed ‘curtain weight’ cotton from a seller on eBay for the grand sum of £10.99. In total there was about 3 metres in length x 120cms wide fabric. I knew immediately that this would be perfect for a Pinafore Dress and ideal to go over many plain Autumn-coloured jersey tops (yet to be made!).

I used my self-drafted ‘Jane’ pattern which is now a TNT design that I intend to hack into a Summer dress next year.

I lined the bodice with Grey acetate lining that I found at the bottom of my stash. This will work well for making it easy to pull on the pinafore dress over the tops as it is so slippery.

I added a total of 12 buttonholes down the front of the dress and used some coconut shell buttons that I recently purchased from eBay (60 buttons for £2.99 – a bargain!). This time I added two patch pockets on the front skirt, the pattern is so busy that you can hardly see them and I did not even try to pattern match. I finished the hem of the skirt with the blind hemmer stitch on the machine as the tiny stitches disappear into the print.

I am very pleased with this make and sure that it will get a great deal of wear through the rest of Autumn and through Winter until the Spring flowers appear.

Project #77 Completed 18th November 2021