Landscape Print Dress

front view

Something strange is happening to my photographs. The one above has come out very green and is not really a true reflection of the colour of the printed fabric. The fabric is 100% Cotton Makower’s ‘Landscape’ Print Fabric Material (Mustard) colourway.

cotton print

Hopefully this picture gives a better impression of the colour.

I really like this fabric – so much so that I inadvertently ordered it twice from two different suppliers! Once through eBay and the second time from Textile Express. 

I overlocked the raw edges of each length and have laundered them before then using one piece to make the refined bodice pattern from “Back to Basics” I had another go at making a dress. This time with a gathered skirt.  I lowered the neckline and shortened the sleeves. However, not enough – more of that below.

 I have to admit to being a bit “gung ho!” when making up the dress and this attitude came home to roost when I had completed the dress and tried it on. The bodice is too big and the sleeves are too long – what I have ended up with is that the hem of the sleeves is in line with the fullest part of my bust which makes me look very w i d e ! So, nothing for it, some unpicking to be done.  Frustrating, as all the seams have been overlocked – that will teach me to be over-confident!

I will settle down and make the alterations, but maybe not for a few days.