Leopard Print Snood/Infinity Scarf

I love wearing scarves and have noticed that lately there are a lot of “snoods”  or Infinity Scarves about. They appear to be the “on trend” accessory. I have downloaded some knitting patterns which I plan to make during the winter months but in the meantime thought I would have a go at sewing a version to wear with the vast number of Autumn-coloured cardigans and sweaters that I have. I checked out online and through trial and error came up with a pattern which uses a piece of fabric approximately 37″ x 25″ (includes 1/2″ seam allowances all around). For this project I used a fabulous animal print “sueded” finish jersey fabric bought from Fabricland in Salisbury. I stitched the centre back seam (25″ ) to make a circle of fabric  and then folded in half lengthwise to make a circle  36″ circumference by 12.5″ deep. I tucked in the seam allowances on the raw edge and machine top stitched. At the centre back I made 3 tucks to reduce the amount of fabric sitting at the back of my neck. I have been delighted with the finished result which goes, not only with the Autumn-coloured cardigans and sweaters but also adds a stunning finish to the purple jersey dress discussed in the previous post.

leopard print snood    LEOPARD PRINT SNOOD 2

leopard print snood 3

The three tucks at centre back