Little Zip fronted Bag/Pouch

Our mission for the meeting  this month at Franklins in Salisbury was to make a small zip-fronted bag or purse. Requirements were simple – two Fat Quarters of co-ordinating or contrast fabric, a zip approximately 6″ – 9″ long, a piece of fusible wadding and the usual sewing kit. My zip was 8.5″ long so the fabric was cut 9.5″ wide x 19″long (calculation = width = length of zip + seam allowance, length =  double the width). I ironed the fusible wadding to the wrong side of the outer fabric and then inserted the zip in between the outer fabric and lining.  I also top-stitched either side of the zip to ensure that the fabric did not foul the teeth of the zip. The resulting  tube was turned wrong side (lining) out then flattened so that the zip was centred and I then stitched the bottom edge closed.  I created box corners by flattening the work so that the bottom seam was centred and sewed across the triangle – about 3/4″ from the point. Next I opened the pouch to right sides out. I formed pleats in the top edge and machine basted into place. At this stage I could have included a small hanging loop but decided to omit  and leave the bag as a freestanding project. Using a strip of fabric 2.5″ wide I covered the basting with binding which was finished with hand slip stitching on the reverse. This was a quick and simple project which can be completed in virtually any size – it is only governed by the length of the zip that you decide to use. It can also be made wider rather than taller by simply changing the ratio of measurements.

bag frontbag reverse

                                             Bag Front                                                             Bag reverse