Mini Cross Body Bag version 1


                                         mini cbb front view   mini cbb open                                                                              

I was recently asked if there was a way to make the Cross Body Bag in a smaller size. The answer is of course, yes.

Taking note of the proportions of the original CBB I drafted a new cutting plan for a bag to be a finished size of approximately 8 inches square. This involved reducing the size of the pockets, strap and flap before making up a sample.

I used remnants from the recent colour block tunic top and 25mm nickel hardware. As I did not have a spare magnetic snap, twist or tuck lock to hand, for the fastening I have used a button and buttonhole on the flap.

Unfortunately by down-sizing so much this has resulted in very small pockets both inside and out. Also I feel that on this sample I have made the strap too wide so that it is out of proportion to the rest of the bag.

I have addressed some of these issues and now prepared a new cutting plan and sheet of instructions for putting this new sized bag together. I have developed a different way of constructing the rear zipped pocket which reduces the number of fabric pieces to be cut and also simplifies the construction making it quicker and easier.

Overall I am pleased with the smaller bag although for my own personal use I think I will increase the size slightly so that the final bag measures approximately 10 inches square.


mini cbb reverse