Moira #10 Abstract

This is an unusual print choice for me but when I saw it on t he Textile Centre website I knew that I had to have it for my Autumn capsule collection. I originally ordered 3 metres of the viscose challis (cost £15.27) and was not disappointed when it arrived. However, I was a little surprised at the amount of fluidity and drape of the fabric.

I made an error with this length of fabric by making a dress that was too fitted in the bodice and had a half circle skirt (bias!) which dropped madly at the hem. Fortunately I was able to purchase the last 3 metres that Textile Centre had in stock so this dress is a replacement for the previous Harley/Penny mash up that is entitled Rookie Error!

I decided not to risk a further disappointment and turned to that TNT pattern – the ‘Moira’ dress. At the end of a long afternoon of stitching I had produced my new dress and I am very pleased!

Conclusion: Lesson learned – don’t try new designs with precious fabric, either use ‘muslin fodder’ or make a toile and remember to check the suitability in terms of drape.

Project #73 completed 6th November 2021