Moneta dress no 2 – Flamingos – Epic FAIL!

Fabric print design – note the upside down flamingo!


With confidence I laid out the pattern pieces for my next Moneta dress. The fabric has a busy print design of Flamingos and Flowers which I initially thought was a one-way design. Only much later did I discover that there is a flamingo beautifully placed at centre front of the bodice – only it is upside down! However, I digress let me go back to the start.

I bought 1.5 metres of this fine viscose ‘tee-shirt weight’ jersey from Fabricland a couple of months ago and it has worked its way to the top of the ‘to do with dark overlocking thread’ pile. With such a good result with the first Moneta perhaps I was a little too casual this time with my cutting out. Having thought that the design was one-way, I carefully cut all the pieces so that the flamingos would be upright. Having only 1.5 metres of fabric meant that I reduced the width of the skirt front and back pieces a little and placed the back bodice and back skirt on the selvedge so they would have to have centre back seams.

I mentioned in the previous post that the overlocker was not functioning properly and it was only after about 1 hour of threading, cleaning and re-threading that I finally managed to get a good stitch tension on this fabric. I stitched the skirt and bodice back seams on the sewing machine with a ‘lightening’ stitch and pressed well. The fabric kept rolling in at the cut edges so was a real nuisance as I tried to match the seams. There is good stretch in the fabric but I must have taken a little too much for the seam of the back bodice as at first fitting the top was tight!

I cut a length of crosswise strip x 3 inches wide for the neck binding and after some ‘finessing’ attached to the neckline. It is OK but not great. I may well remove and try again another day. The sleeve heads seemed to be extra long and necessitated some small gathers at the shoulders to make them fit. This time the gathering of the skirt onto the ¼ inch wide clear elastic went well – I am getting the hang of that method now.

Dress looks fine on ‘Dolores’ but then she doe not breathe!

Final fitting – oh that dress is soooo tight. I shall have to put it aside until I have lost some weight or offer for sale on eBay. What a shame as I really like the print – I do love a novelty design. I may be mature in age but not in spirit and not ready for ‘old lady’ outfits just yet!