Mystery Row-a-long Wallhanging I

Month by month members of Sprat & Winkle Quilters have been given a pattern of a patchwork row. Five rows make up the basic design of a wallhanging.  Each row provides scope to practice a new method of patchwork be it foundation piecing, paper piecing, applique, etc., and can be worked in any colour combination desired. Personally I have simply rummaged in my scrap bag and taken whatever comes to hand. I plan to put the rows together with some sort of sashing to bring the disparate colours and designs to form some sort of cohesive whole. So far I  have completed row 1 – Flying Geese, row 3 – Hearts and now row 5 – mini hexagon flowers. On the subject of the latter, a moan went up from the group when we realised that the hexagons for the flowers in row 5 were to be worked to 3/4″ size. I was one of the worst offenders as apart from my dislike of hand sewing, working in miniature is not something that I have attempted before. But who knew? I have thoroughly enjoyed working these delightful and effective hexagon flowers which can be made using very small scraps of fabric and take no time at all to stitch. I shall definitely be making more and applying them to all manner of projects from quilted coat hanger covers to “boho” style clothing. Three cheers for mini hexagons!