Nested Churn Dash 24″ Block

24 inch block

What I have learned from this block are two very important things. Firstly, to read the instructions fully and secondly don’t try to work a brand new (and initially complicated) block when you are feeling hot, tired and emotional!

The Sprat & Winkle Committee have designated June as our “Projects for Charity” month and they suggested that the 24” square quilts to be donated to the Special Care Baby Unit in Winchester, could be worked using the Nested Churn Dash block. On Thursday evening our illustrious leader introduced the block and distributed a comprehensive set of instructions. Had I read those instructions properly, I would have discovered that the half square triangles are first made over-size and then squared up and cut to size. So my first round based on an initial centre square of 2” net has turned out rather “wonky” as I endeavoured to “fudge” the strips and half square triangles to fit!

At home in the evening of Friday I sat down at the sewing machine with a view to finishing the block. After all it was only 24” square so how hard could it be?

After a long day visiting a friend whom I have not seen in many years and is now suffering from cancer followed by a tortuous drive home as my husband and I endeavoured to avoid the traffic jams on the A303 what I should have done was settle down with a cuppa and relaxed for the evening. But no, stubbornly I continued with the Nested Churn Dash Block. There is an error in the placement of the prints but at the end I am actually quite pleased with the result – my feelings about the Nested Churn Dash are such that it will be a long time before I repeat this block. The alternative block suggested by the Committee is “Swoon” – I shall take a deep breath before I attempt that!