A new Dress for the Spring II

It seems to be the way of things at the moment, never straightforward. I had adjusted the pattern for this dress by dropping the fullness of the bust to my new bust point and adding to the seam allowances at side and panel seams. I had measured myself (as I know I have put on weight, again – how depressing) and wanted to be sure that the dress was big enough. Having basted the dress together I discovered that I did not need all those extra inches! So… the dress took longer to make than I had envisaged. It is finished now and waiting for some Spring-like weather in which to wear it. When I do finally wear the dress I will get some photos taken as the style really does not have a great deal of “hanger appeal” – it looks so much better on a real live body!

6527 front6527 reverse6527 scallop neckline and front buttons