Paola no 5 – Small Leopard Print

Hi everyone, by now you must all be heartily sick of looking at my Paola makes! But having recently completed a much more complex project, I felt the need for something very quick and easy for which a Paola top fits the bill admirably.

Rooting about in my stash I came across this jersey fabric with a small leopard print. The length of fabric was just a small contribution to a very large consignment of fabric and sewing paraphernalia inherited from a great friend when she passed away a few years ago. I have no idea of the fibre content but the fabric is very stretchy and has quite a synthetic feel – so not very warm to the touch but heigh ho – it is yet another top and a reduction to my stash!

I won’t bore you with the construction details as it was a straightforward make, out of my ‘amended pattern’ envelope. The top took just one hour to sew and looks very good with Black jeans.

Details of the complex project mentioned above will be posted later in the month, once the recipient has received her birthday gift.

Mysteriouser and mysteriouser!