Paola no. 9 – Stripes!

Feeling very confident sewing the Paola tops, I decided to add a challenge to the mix and make version no. 9 with a striped fabric. This fine Viscose jersey in Tobacco with a ½ inch wide stripe of Navy was purchased some time ago along with some other jersey fabrics from The Textile Centre (£2.60/m). Somehow it got buried under the stash and was rediscovered when I was looking for a different fabric. There is nothing new to say about this pattern except that I lengthened the bodice by 4 inches as the fabric was not pre-washed and is therefore likely to shrink when laundered. Matching up the stripes was challenging. One side seam is perfect, the other not quite so. As this is such a lightweight fabric it will be ideal to continue to wear until the ‘heat’ of the English Summer!

Next blog post is yet another jersey fabric but a completely new pattern!