Paolina no 6 – Tutti Fruity Stripes

OK, by now you will all be Paolina’d-out and I promise this is the last for a while. This is the companion fabric to the Paolina no 5 but instead of polka dots, this version has narrow (1/8 inch) stripes in those fruity colours of Raspberry and Lime. The 1 metre length of fabric was purchased on ‘Sale’ from New Threads Quilt shop so is yet another £5.00 top.

Same old, same old. Nothing new in terms of construction. I am really much more confident with the neck banding now but you will notice I still have the stripes vertical to avoid any drift when attaching the band!

I have just purchased the Dartmouth wrap front top pattern from Cashmerette so that will be appearing next on the blog. Hooray I hear you shout – something different at last!