Polly Patchwork II

At last, Polly is finished. This project has taken much longer than usual as I have to pace myself and not sit for too long in one position whilst my total knee replacement continues to mend. I made the quilted patchwork jacket using 2″ squares in Autumnal colours but when I dressed Polly in the jacket, I realised that the colours did not co-ordinate well with the dress. Those that know me will also know that I do like to have clothing co-ordinated!  So – I made another dress. For the main fabric I cut up one of my husband’s old shirts and used one of my existing doll dress patterns. This has a lined bodice and long gathered sleeves with cuffs that are set in “on the flat” before stitching the side and sleeve seams all in one. This time I had allowed sufficient overlap at the back bodice to work a 3- buttons and buttonholes fastening. I also made a detachable collar in Bright Yellow felt with a pinked edge. I have completed a Red flannel waist petticoat, Brown and Orange felt hat and Burgundy felt bag which is decorated with 3 heart-shaped buttons. I am pleased with the resulting doll who now sits next to Dolly the Dachsund pin dog in my Sewing Room.

polly patchwork doll