Prima Dress no. 46

Using the “end of roll” bold-floral-printed stretch cotton purchased from Sew Simple in Taverham, Norfolk, I have made up the Prima shift dress for the 46th (!) time. As I knew the fabric length was only just over 2 metres and allowing for print placement (those huge roses!) I would be short of fabric I did not think there would be enough for sleeves. Luck was on my side, there was sufficient  for some short (almost cap) sleeves which I prefer to sleeveless for this particular style of dress. The fabric was a dream to cut out and stitch. I am particularly pleased to see that I managed to centre up the design on the front of the dress (the back is not quite so good but at least the roses do not fall on my cheeks!) It was not until I checked in the full-length mirror that I also noticed the distinct diagonal pattern in purple that is created by the darker floral print. The only problem with this garment was my lack of experience with invisible zips. This one was set too high in the seam so that the turnings on the facings are lumpy and there is no space for a hook and eye fastening. Still the lumps and bumps will be hidden by my hair and this dress will serve as an excellent reminder for when I next stitch an invisible zip – note to self – set the zip about 1″ below the cut edge of the neckline to ensure sufficient space for seam allowances on the facing, turning and the fastening .

prima 46 front view     prima 46 back view