I started recording my sewing activities back in 1991 when I purchased my first sewing & embroidery machine from Janome.  Since then I have traded up my machines and filled several notebooks with records of projects. The notebooks make fascinating reading, for me at least. It is akin to a diary and just flicking through reminds me of various functions and activities I have attended through the years. Business functions, May balls, Ladies Day at the Races, Weddings and family celebrations – all are recorded in my notebooks. I see that I first made the PRIMA GO ANYWHERE DRESS back in April 2000 using a Denim Blue striped gabardine fabric. Since then I have made up this style, with variations, for others and myself, no less than 44 times! The original pattern had become so tatty and torn with the adjustments over the years that I was fortunate enough to buy another copy from eBay and this is now “sacred” in it’s original form being kept as MASTER copy for the future. Do any of you have favourite patterns and how many times have you made up yours?