Remodel a Basic Tee Shirt

Inspired by all the re-modelling and alterations that my e-mail friend, Antje, in Germany undertakes, I decided to do a little myself. Those of you that know me will also be aware that “I do not do alterations” so this is way out of my comfort zone.

I had rescued a heavy cotton lace neckline insert from an old top and having mended a couple of gaps, thought it would look good at the neckline of a basic Navy & White tee recently purchased from Bon Marche for £8.00.

First I pinned the insert to the tee and tried it on. It needed to be placed lower down so that I would avoid stitching over the faux placket detail of the shirt. I then set my machine with white thread in the needle and bobbin together with a narrow zig-zag stitch. The insert was stitched in place and the background of the tee removed.

The insert is still a little higher than I would like but overall I am pleased with the result. Meantime, I have ordered a selection of heavy embroidered lace inserts from eBay and plan to incorporate them into new tops for the Spring and Summer.