Second Jersey Tee

Having completed the “Heather” dress from SEWOVER IT, I had a length of fabric remaining – just enough for another jersey tee. This time I was able to cut the longer length that I required but was still able to have ¾ length sleeves. The tee went together like a dream infact once cut out, it took just 1 hour to stitch together. The bust darts and shoulder seams were stitched on the sewing machine. The shoulder seams were stabilised with short pieces of narrow satin ribbon and then the remainder of the tee was constructed using the overlocker. This time I did not waste any time trying to “finesse” a neck band. I stay-stitched ½ inch from the edge and then turned to the inside before twin-needle stitching in place. The hems on the sleeves and the body are, as usual, stitched with a jersey twin needle.

I still love jersey sewing and jazz just enjoys a nap – you can see her in the reflection of the mirror!!