Secret Sister Table Wreath

As part of the Sprat & Winkle Christmas Dinner activities the members will be swapping Secret Sister gifts. On a previous occasion I have gifted a battery-operated tea light cover of a gnome and this year I went one better and made a table wreath to go with it.

The pattern from Thimble Art by Ruth Jensen is for a floral shape with 3D holly leaves between each ‘petal’.

Using some pretty Christmas-themed fabric gifted by a friend I cut 6 shapes in each of the two prints, one in a novelty Rabbit print on a Cream background and the other a Green background cartoon Robin print.

I interfaced each of the Cream fabrics and then fused some lightweight wadding to the centre part, excluding the Holly shapes. The most difficult part of the construction was turning each petal through the narrow gap at the base. I edge stitched each petal before joining them together to form a circle with the Holly leaves standing proud.

Holly Leaves Table Wreath

I made a fabric circle each for the top and underside which then covers up all the raw edges at the centre of the wreath.

Reverse of the Table Wreath

I am very pleased with the final result and once I have completed my current dressmaking project may well make another Holly wreath for my own dining table.

Wreath and Battery Operated Table Light Gnome

Project #54 completed 29th November 2022