Sew Sturdy: The Ultimate Travel Bag by Annie Unrein

Those of you that follow my blog will know that I am very excited. I am going on a Fly/Cruise to the Caribbean! There has been a flurry of activity over the past couple of months. I have gradually assessed the wardrobe requirements for two weeks in the Caribbean climate – very different to what we are experiencing here in Hampshire UK at present! It has seemed a little strange to be thinking of cotton tops and dresses, cut off trousers and last but not least – evening wear as the snow gently flutters passed the window!

As this is to be a Fly/Cruise I need to be aware of weight restrictions for my luggage. I checked the allowances for hold and cabin. The hold baggage can be up to 23 kgs but the cabin must not exceed 5kgs and be contained within a case measuring no more than 55cms x 40cmsx 20cms. ‘That’s OK’ I thought, ‘I can buy a small case to fit those limits’. How wrong I was! The smallest case that I could find was great size-wise but oh dear, it weighs in at 2.2 kgs! That does not leave much scope for the contents. So…. I am making my case using the Sew Sturdy: Ultimate Travel Bag pattern by Annie Unrein.

I have previously made the Sew Sturdy: Sewing Organiser Bag and the Essential Back Pack by Annie which turned out to be exactly what is says on the tin – sew sturdy.

I had hoped to be able to buy some more Linen/Cotton blend fabric from New Threads that would match the handbag that I intend to take with me – but unfortunately having visited the shop, discovered that the last of the roll had been sold – probably to me! Instead I purchased 2 metres of a beautiful patchwork print Linen by French General together with coordinating quilting cottons.

French General Outer Fabric

Lining Fabric

Combined with the cost of Annie Soft & Stable wadding, mesh for pockets, nickel hardware, zips and thread the total cost is in the region of £75 – but hey, this travel bag is going to be unique and I am sure will see a great deal of travel over its lifetime so cost per use will workout to be inconsequential.

This morning whilst the snow converts the landscape to a chocolate box picture, I have cut out all the pieces ready to start quilting this afternoon. I will keep you posted on progress……

2 thoughts on “Sew Sturdy: The Ultimate Travel Bag by Annie Unrein

  1. Lovely! I really want to make one of these. I love her patterns. Have you seen that all the Craftsy classes are free this weekend? Perfect for a snow day!! I look forward to seeing the finished bag!

    1. Hi Lizzie,
      I am in my own little sweatshop working on the Ultimate Travel Bag. This is definitely not a quick make – nor indeed a cheap one! I have noted that Craftsy classes are free this weekend and I will certainly have a look later. Happy stitching!

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