Sheep May Safely Graze – Cross Body Bag no. 11

sheep bag 1

When I tutored the workshop last weekend I also took along a prepared set of pattern pieces to demonstrate the making of the bag. As it happened I did not use my “demo” bag but used one of the student’s bags instead.

As a break from sewing the lined wool coat which is needing some fairly radical alteration, I decided to construct the “demonstration” bag which I could then use over the next few weeks until I have completed a version in faux leather.

The fabric was purchased from B & R Textiles Ltd in Salisbury. I purchased just ½ metre of this wide-width printed linen-like fabric knowing that for some of the elements I would use lining fabric and thus reduce the thickness at some of the seam junctions. I fell in love with the design and so bought an additional ½ metre of the same design but with a Blue background which I think will co-ordinate well when wearing denim clothing.

The construction of the bag was plain-sailing the only differences being that this time I used two large circular rings in the strap tabs instead of D-rings and a different fastener on the flap. It is a leather strap in two parts with decorative buckle over a magnetic snap. The fastener was hand-stitched as the holes were pre-made and I did not want to use the sewing machine with a possibility of missing the holes.

Once again, I am pleased with the resulting bag and have now swapped it for the “Chickens” bag which can be”cooped up” for a while.

sheep bag reverse