Stuart Hillard Challenge

During the process of making the Paris Market bag we needed to cut quarter circles from the outside pocket sections to provide access to the pockets. Stuart’s challenge was to incorporate those quarter circles into another project. Below is my entry.

I stitched two quarter circles together twice, to make two half circles which I then quilted in a “fan” shape. I made an oblong shape to fit across the bottom of the two fan shapes which was channel quilted plus a long length with zip fitted to go around the outside edge. I made two generously gathered frills to delineate the shape of the fans and the whole was lined with plain cotton fabric.

I can use the fan-shaped clutch as an evening bag or keep in the bathroom with toiletries ready packed for when I stay away from home.

no 2 sepia

no 2b sepia

no 3 sepia       no 4 sepia

3 thoughts on “Stuart Hillard Challenge

  1. Dear Caroline,
    What a wonderful, inspirational blog! Now I can see why you are so quick and creative on our monthly Mondays at Franklins!
    I shall keep referring to your site for ideas in the future, thank you.
    Best wishes, Margaret

    1. Thank you for your kind words. As I frequently say to my husband, the only time housework comes before sewing is in the dictionary.

    2. Many thanks for your kind words, glad to hear that you are enjoying my posts. Next few projects will all be patchwork!!

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