Swoon Block II

baby quilt quilted swoon

Back on July 5th I posted an item regarding this block. I had finished the piecing and also layered up with/polyester wadding and a plain pink cotton backing. Now I needed to quilt. For the moment the project was set to one side whiIst I made bags and dresses. For the  first meeting of the new term for Sprat & Winkle Quilters and we had been asked to bring along the completed quilts. Argh!! I needed to get quilting and binding ASAP!  I quickly set up my small Brother Innovis sewing machine which is permanently fitted with a walking foot and quilting needle, threaded with pink and got quilting.

In a about one hour the piece had been quilted and a narrow binding applied. I would take along needle and thread to complete the project during the evening’s meeting. Done!

We had a display of quilts donated so far, there will be more to come at the next meeting. So far, those that have been produced demonstrate a great variety of colour and print themes not to mention various block designs in addition to the Nested Churn Dash and Swoon that had been suggested.  You can see photographs on the Sprat & Winkle Quilters blog.