Toile de Jouy Print Dress

toile de jouy dress 01

By way of a change (not!) this week I went “off plan” and made a new dress. At least I did keep to the resolution to make alternate projects using fabric from my stash.

I am not absolutely sure of the fabric constitution nor where and when I bought this long length of super-wide Toile de Jouy printed cotton(?) but it has been in my stash for several years. It may have come from Abakhan Fabrics in Mostyn, North Wales but I can’t be certain.

Having checked out various Pinterest boards I decided to use my TNT bodice pattern with the lined cap sleeves, a full gathered dirndl skirt and the usual side-seam pockets.

I again scooped the neckline the same as the Navy/White check dress but re-drafted the cap sleeves so that they would have a gathered sleeve head. When cutting out the bodice and the front skirt panel I took care to centre up the design. Also as the fabric was very wide I shaped the side seams so that the amount needed to be gathered into the waist seam was slightly reduced.

At first fitting I increased the depth of the body darts on the front bodice and checked the gathers on the sleeve heads. Construction went well, sewing was entirely by machine with the exception of a hand-stitched hem – that took a while as the circumference of the skirt was 180”. I now have a lovely new dress to wear tomorrow when I meet up with an old friend for lunch!