Twister – Whirley Gig Patchwork

At our Franklins Salisbury, Monday morning Patchwork session this week we worked on the (in)famous Twister block. You start off with a panel of patchwork made up from 12 x 4.5″ squares surrounded by a 2.75″a border. Having used 1/4″ seam allowances you  end up with a panel measuring approximately 21″ x 17″. Using the Twister template square you line up the cross hairs on the template with the seams on your panel and draw around the template. After cutting each new shape you then stitch them back together. This will yield a panel of Pinwheels or Whirley Gigs and a new measurement  15″ x 12″. The panel can be made up into a variety of different projects, bags, cushions, place mats. I have made four panels so far to which I am adding a further border and  will then be made up into two place mats with the remaining two as panels on a bag. As the prints used are mostly spring-like florals they will be ideal for the coming (hopefully very soon) Spring!

Starting Panel                                                                       Cut & re-assembled Twister Panel

01 04