Winter-theme Quilt

Today, as a change from dressmaking and the exacting requirements of “FIT” I have started work on a new quilt for my husband’s grand piano. At Christmas there was a Christmas-themed-prints log cabin quilt on the piano but that has now been put away. The next themed quilt is for Valentine’s Day – a quilt featuring lots of layered applique hearts in a variety of floral printed cottons. What we really need is something for the interim that will take us up to the “Springtime” quilt.

Taking inspiration from the colours of our surrounding countryside I had previously purchased two charm packs by Moda called Modern Backgrounds *Luster*. In addition I also purchased a variety of fat quarters in co-ordinating shades of Taupe and Blue/Grey together with a metre length of plain “Gold” lustre as the basic accent. At the time of purchasing the fabrics I had not yet made up my mind exactly which block design I would use. I was wavering between “Disappearing 9 patch” and “3D bow tie/faux Cathedral Window”.

Yesterday I was putting away a box of zips when I chanced upon a box of Blue-toned fabrics. On top of the selection was a short length (approximately ¾ yard) of a fine cotton lawn in lightest Sky Blue with White pin spots. Ah ha! Decision made! I would make the “3D bow tie/faux Cathedral Window” blocks and use this lovely Blue as the “window” accent to reflect the delicate shade of the sky at this time of year.

The quilt that I made in Autumn shades uses the same block design so I knew that I would need to make 36 blocks of 4 x 5 inch squares, each with the 3D bow tie/faux cathedral window.

Block showing the 3D bow tie = Cathedral window “frame”

Double row of blocks showing next row of blank 3D bow ties/cathedral window “frames”

Block with “Window” pinned into “frame”

First 2 rows  (part) of completed blocks

These are joined in rows of 6 blocks each with another “window” set in between the rows.

I am stitching entirely on the machine and so far have made 12 x blocks. The blocks are coming together nicely and I look forward to getting the quilt completed as soon as possible so that it takes centre stage on the piano until 21st March (excluding Valentine’s Day of course!) when the “Springtime” quilt will take over.